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OptiMSM® contains 34% of organic sulfur making it a beneficial nutrient for helping to regulate and regenerate healthy cells. Sulfur has an essential role in the production of glutathione — an important antioxidant in the body that is involved with detoxification and supporting a healthy immune system.

Glutathione is important for scavenging free radicals and activating Natural Killer cells that stimulate white blood cell function. A study published in Frontiers of Immunology found that glutathione’s role in producing NK cells help to fight off infections.

Glutathione is highly involved with eliminating toxins from the body. A study published in a Biometals journal found that glutathione helped to inhibit heavy metal toxicity.

With concentrated levels of sulfur, OptiMSM® helps to encourage glutathione regulation that is essential to overall health and detoxification, as well as inhibit inflammation and oxidative stress that leads to metabolic dysfunction.

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